What do beggars want?

14/11/2009 Off By sonamoni

chotasaWhat can we give to our begging children? What are they actually begging for? Those who were born on streets where people walk and spit and urinate…who take their first breath in the thick polluted air coming out of the cars passing by… cars, whose owners never cared about pollution control. They grow up to be little beggars, graduate as thieves, then if they are good, the world of crime opens its door for them, where they complete their masters and phds and post docs until we learn about them in news papers…. Who among us has not experienced a small dirty face outside the window of our car or taxi, pushing in two small hands through a small opening in our raised car window-glasses…windows of the cars are always shut…due to pollution perhaps… Or often a little girl carrying a new born, pleading for an ice-cream catches your attention, when you are standing on the street buying some for your-self and your friends?

The current trend is to call people, who get affected by this situation.. ‘stupid’..or…’softy’…well may be it is also going to be a taboo to be human some day soon!….Who knows what the meaning of being humane will be in the coming years! My country India…..is a country very enchanting, due to the fact (which I have realised several times) that, just when you have thought about what can be done to whatever is pulling India behind…and finally feel that nothing can happen here due to corruption and blindness for old and harmful traditions and mindsets…then suddenly there is a spark of light that comes up from extreme darkness… and you start hoping again….

I saw in ‘Dateline Punjab’, a program in Sony channel, that a temple trust (Govind Godham Temple Trust) in Chandigarh, has established a school, where the children of beggars, who also used to beg and bring good money are now going to school and doing well!

Sureshji is going to Chandigarh next month…. so, maybe he will find it worth while to visit them and encourage them further! It will surely give their beautiful, neglected spirits a big boost! They spend $10 per month (approx. 60 DKK) for every child…so any body who feels for the cause are most welcome to extend their care and support This initiative, in my opinion, has set an example that every state and every city and town and village should follow….and this should come to a news forum that can reach Indian public at a larger scale……may be our leader Ripu can help there (he has great ideas, good resources and an open mind to realise them. This is no buttering Ripu, just an honest opinion …) So lets join hands and lend support and show our enthusiasm for a cause that we all have spent innumerable thoughts on…we can now make a difference… To learn about the news you can go to www.punjabdateline.com To comment on the program you can visit ani@aniin.com