Watch Cricket World Cup Final 2011 in Aarhus

31/03/2011 Off By Administrator
Cricket World Cup Final 2011
India Vs Sri Lanka
2nd April 2011 (Saturday)
After a thrilling win over Pakistan in the “mother of all battles”, we are again pleased to announce that the arrangements for screening of the Cricket World Cup 2011 Finals between India and Sri Lanka have been made.
Sherlock Holmes Pub in downtown Aarhus has agreed to screen the final match. Because a large crowd is expected this time, the venue has been moved to a bigger room that can hold more people. And because the finals will run for hours, the pub owner wouldnt mind if we bring our lunch boxes with us, as long as we buy drinks etc there. So get set, paint your faces, bring flags, blow the vuvuzelas, and most importantly come with a great spirit….We could use this spirit to show Aarhus why cricket for us is above everything else.
See you all on Saturday!!
Sherlock Holmes Pub
Frederiksgade 76
8000. Aarhus C
(Door opens at 11:00 A.M.)
P.S. The big room is a designated smoking area. However we would advice our members to refrain from smoking in that room. Thank you in advance!