The OTHER perspective

08/04/2011 Off By Geet Shroff

coinIndia fascinates the world and the Danes are no exception. I was at an Efterskolen based on an invitation IIA received for an Indian to visit the students and talk to them about India. The teacher’s purpose also was to make them more appreciative of the lifestyles they are gifted with. But for me, it was an exchange…there was so much to take back as well!


They had done their homework before my visit by watching ‘Slum dog Millionaire’ and had a whole lot of questions ready. When asked what was the first thing that came to mind when they thought of India, the answers were: colours, people, nature and ‘Ali Baba’ pants! In return I was asked about what shocked me most when I came to Denmark and I had to admit the Telia ads! 🙂

They got into calculations about our per capita income and tried comparing it with the luxuries available to them. They spoke about their ambitions from here on. Some wanted to travel the world the others wanted to continue until University. It got me thinking about our ambitious practices as Indians, would short-term goals help true musicians turn musicians instead of Engineers? Is it necessary for us to be pressurized to decide our way ahead at a tender age of 15 or 16? It was interesting to note the ‘other’ perspective.

What touched me most was a question I was asked just for being a citizen of the largest democracy. ‘What is your dream for your country?’ And without a second’s delay I confessed, that I would like a day that I can trust my government as blindly as the Danes trust the State. And on this note, I wrapped up only to return and find out that I share my dream with people like Anna Hazare & millions of my countrymen and we are already set on making it come true!