The Best of Aarhus : …in the daily life…..

08/09/2009 Off By Krithika

Every time I make a trip to India, I find it almost impossible to leave for Aarhus as the date of departure gets closer. Despite the enormous efforts to drag myself to the airport and motivate myself with the thoughts of going back to lab and making yet another attempt at getting fantastic results as my ever-enthusiastic supervisor would say to all of us….the ease with which I adjust back to the academic rigmarole, after every trip, is indeed amazing !

Last week, I met a friend in India who was insistent in knowing my daily routine, the way I spend time in Aarhus, my friends there and the culture. I was speaking non-stop for almost an hour and it was then that I realized how much I had enjoyed being in Aarhus whilst also cribbing about the cold windy weather Smile So I thought I would just pen down a few of the many amazing things about the ‘daily life’ in Aarhus that I had experienced in the last two years there…..I am not sure where to begin, so I shall just randomly list in no specific geographic order or an order of any kind: 

  1. 7 Eleven: Hungry and traveling at late hours? Just look for the nearest 7 Eleven and get in ! Well, this is one of the best places for quick take aways such as coffees, hot snacks and pastries. Their strawberry milkshake is awesome! There is a 7 eleven just opposite to the main railway station and the neighboring sandwich shop is also worth visiting if you want to grab a sandwich to eat during your train journey. To endure a long journey without food or just a cup of black coffee that you can get on the train is no fun.
  2. Fakta: Frustrated that shops close down at 18:00 hrs ? Fakta is the most convenient place for students to do their grocery shopping. Although not all Faktas are open till late, the one near Tandleage kollegiet is open until 21:00 hrs and all through the week ! This is relatively close to the university. I have found it very convenient to shop there on my way back from lab in the late evenings.
  3. Stor Center Nord: Once again close to university, one of the best shopping complexes in the city! I could find almost anything there from clothes to groceries…..
  4. Bruun’s gallery: With the theatre too in the complex, it is a lovely hangout on a Friday evening. I was so excited when I first came to know that I can finally watch English movies in English, without being dubbed ! And that  is probably one of the reason why almost every Dane speaks good comprehensible English and (un)fortunately it is the reason why I hardly know any Danish, besides my failed attempts at trying to learn the 3 types of pronunciation of the letter ‘d’ in Danish Embarassed
  5. Shopping street: Bustling with activity! The best place to be if you want to get out of lab for a couple of hours on a gray Saturday afternoon. Make sure to carry your wallet if you cannot resist the temptation of getting into Magasin, Salling, H&M, Designertorvet …..
  6. Bazar Vest: The genuine Bazaar! Without Bazaar Vest, my ‘dhal chawal with Bhindi sabji’ which is almost a regular every fortnight in my home, wouldn’t be possible Laughing 
  7. IKEA: I promise if you get in, you would never come out without buying any little thing. I love their free refills for cola.
  8. Den Gamle By: Definitely worth visiting. Christmas is probably the best time.
  9. Numerous restaurants: Are you complaining about the lack of variety in Danish cuisine? Italian, Vietnamese, Chinese, Indian, Mexican….you name it and you got it! Fast food? – There is the good old Mc D and Burger King…

 Well, I guess I should I also mention activities that didn’t necessarily cause a hole in my wallet …

  1. Beaches: Coming from a coastal place in India, what I like best about Aarhus are the beaches. Although it lacks the charm of Indian beaches – I mean the roadside chaat and pakora shops, the beaches in Aarhus are nevertheless second to none! The first time I spotted a Jelly fish was at the Moesgaard Beach!! Summer time is the best where you can swim, relax in the sun or even do some sports on the water.
  2. Stroll in the forests: There are several and one of the best places for a nice quiet evening stroll.
  3. The Botanical garden: Close to the university, good place to go on a picnic with friends….
  4. Cycling: Last but not the least and the best activity one can take up in Aarhus without worrying about  (a) traffic (cyclists are most respected on the road next to pedestrians), (b) being self conscious about riding on a cycle to a party dressed in your best outfit (I have seen Professors all decked up in smart suits and ties and riding a bike), (c) gasoline costs (however, keep a handy puncture kit and air pump ready while venturing out for long). What more – the best way to burn all the accumulated fat!!! Wink

 I can go on and on….but I have to stop somewhere and I shall stop here. It is a wonder how one can lose track of time so easily, in just a couple of years but memories stay forever Smile