Spring Mela 2011

16/05/2011 Off By Administrator

Our unique venture of organising an Indian Mela in Aarhus has paid off!   

There were more than 110 people who attended the Mela, and we were glad to see that  more than half were from nationalities other than Indian. We have also received a very positive feedback from all those who participated. 

We would like to extend our heartiest thanks to all the volunteers who helped in making this event a success. Special thanks also goes to  the dancers who made the evening even more colourful with their performances. 

And finally kudos to the cooks who put up their food stalls…the food was delicious, diverse and exotic! 

Who would have thought that one day in Aarhus we would get an opportunity to eat ‘Papdi Chaat‘, ‘Dahi Vada‘, ‘Idli-Sambar‘, ‘Vada Pav‘, ‘Gol Gappa‘, ‘Pakora‘, ‘Chana-Chawal‘, småkager, ‘Gajar Halwa‘, ‘Shrikhand’, and various kinds of ‘Chutneys’, at the same time, under the same roof!

 …and now enjoy the pictures! Video and more pictures will be uploaded to the website soon. So, check for updates!

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