Santa Claus comes to Aarhus

26/11/2010 Off By Administrator
juleparadeSanta Claus is coming to Aarhus today (26th November) and with him he brings the Christmas charm to the city. Like every year he will travel by boat to Aarhus. Then from Aarhus harbour he will lead a big procession to the Aarhus city center. And on his way he will distribute candies and other Christmas goodies to the kids. ‘With his magic stick’ he will also switch on the light decoration in the walking street that has 500,000 ‘stary’ bulbs on it.
Here is his planned procession route that reaches the City at around 6:20 P.M:
Honnørkajen v/Europaplads • Dynkarken • Fredensgade • Ny Banegårdsgade • Banegårdspladsen • M.P. Bruunsgade • Skt. Pauls Plads • M.P. Bruunsgade • Strøget • Skt. Clemens Torv • Store Torv • Pustervig • Volden • Klostergade • Guldsmedgade • Lille Torv • Vestergade • Emil Vetts Passage • Den nye Busgade • Frederiksgade • Rådhuspladsen • Sønder Allé • Dynkarken • Honnørkajen
So if you wish to see this old, rich, mysterious, bearded, philanthropist from Greenland you have a great opportunity today. Also all the shops in the city center are open until midnight, so if you have extra money and dont know what to do with it then…..