Relocation is a big deal. Really.

23/03/2011 Off By Geet Shroff

baby hand holding a fingerWhen we were contemplating moving to Denmark, I had a very different picture painted in my head. Mostly inspired by Yash Raj productions featuring sunny European summers! But when I got here, I was slapped with a never-ending winter, a new language, empty streets, introverts, no work and hardly any vegetarian food! I felt lost, cranky and angry and could not help feeling so. I lost the ability to be myself. And the graph kept dipping until recently.

Thanks to my well integrated partner, I was often kicked out of my hibernation and attended various meetings organized by the International Community and his company. This led me to attend a cultural integration course by Global Minds Consulting that boasts of an international experience of 40 years. Nothing has been as valuable in the last 6 months of my stay here. I saw a huge difference in my attitude towards everything and almost instantly!

By taking this course with a group, I started to believe what I was experiencing was quite normal. We spoke about culture shock, came up with personal strategies & integration techniques and were also offered assistance with job hunting. The course stretches into regular follow-up meetings and this hand-holding continues until one is completely set in the situation. It has been an eye-opener for me, a great opportunity to learn about the cosmopolitan way of life – a learning I would carry with me a long way!

So if you or your spouse are seeking a group of friends that will help you integrate quickly into a society that is new to you or make relocation simple – I strongly recommend this course. They also have a new customized course for Indians that is being offered at a special price on request by the IIA group. You can visit for more information, or email .

Relocation maybe a big deal, but knowing how to deal with it is the key! 🙂 Hope this information helps! 🙂