Police! Police!

25/08/2009 Off By Ripudaman Singh
Let me commence my blogging with one of the cultural shocks that I experienced in Denmark. Coming from Punjab and not seeing any policeman for almost a month was ‘tough’. A month after landing in Aarhus I remember gazing at the first policeman with eyes wide open and saying to myself, “Oh! he is so fit and smart”. This impression, of course, had an undertone with respect to my expectation of how a policeman should look or behave.
A Danish policeman had thrashed my impression of a very colourful, slow responding, pot bellied, policeman standing on a roadside, occasionally hitting his lathi on a rickshaw. And here there was no belly, no lathi, and no rickshaw.
I dedicate this first post to the colourful, witty and often talked about, Punjab Police – ‘A touching moment’