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Some recipes I tried! Part – 1

By Vijay Balakrishnan

As you may have noticed my profile one of my favorite pastime is to try new recipes (or modifying the…

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Diwali – behind the scenes

By Krithika

The Diwali celebration was a grand success  (thanks to all the participants –on stage, and off stage) and I am…

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A Diwali Well Done

By lakshman

Well done organizers,participants and others !! First of all, we should thank the organizing committee, for making The Diwali event…

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Diwali 2009 Pictures

By Administrator

 Click here to see the Pictures from Diwali (Login required)

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An incredible evening…celebrating togetherness

By sonamoni

Since the birth of ‘Indians in Aarhus’ Ripu has always encouraged us to write something for the website. But life…

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By Administrator

Thanks to all, the participants and the organizers, for making Diwali a joyful experience. Please visit this space again to…

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Registration to Diwali Reopened

By Administrator

Dear Fellow Indo-Aarhusians, After a lot of enquiries and demand casino we have casino real money reopened aussie online casino…

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Googling Aarhus – Then and Now

By Ripudaman Singh

This is a tale of how Google almost made me change my mind about coming to Aarhus. When it was almost confirmed…

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The PM’s Facebook Profile…

By Viduthalai Mayiladuthurai

You know, our PM has his Facebook Profile regularly updated about his visits and occasions he participates in. You can…

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The Best of Aarhus : …in the daily life…..

By Krithika

Every time I make a trip to India, I find it almost impossible to leave for Aarhus as the date…

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Diwali is coming

By Administrator

Dear Fellow Indo-Aarhusians, Diwali is almost coming and we now know what to do! We at IndiansInAarhus.Com have planned a…

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Register for Diwali

By Administrator

Programme for Diwali (17 Oct 2009)   13:45 Assembly at Musikhuset, Aarhus 14:00 – 15:00        Performance at Musikhuset by Anita…

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Let’s help our Danes :o)

By Akalpreet Kaur

During an Italian lesson I was having with a Danish lady some years ago, I happened to complain about how…

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Police! Police!

By Ripudaman Singh

Let me commence my blogging with one of the cultural shocks that I experienced in Denmark. Coming from Punjab and not seeing any policeman for almost…

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Little gems from the smallest big city

By sudarshankp

The smallest big city – yes, that’s how Aarhus is referred in the tourism circles. For most of us Indians,…

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“from time to time”

By sureshrattan

Well, our administrator – IAS Indian Administrator Singh – has asked me to write here from time to time –…

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A tip on how to upload your picture on your profile

By Administrator

Before uploading you need to resize and then crop the picture so that it doesnt get distorted: The profile takes…