Little gems from the smallest big city

24/08/2009 Off By sudarshankp
The smallest big city – yes, that’s how Aarhus is referred in the tourism circles. For most of us Indians, who come from cities that could  extend from Aarhus to Skanderborg and yet be called average sized, Aarhus surely gives a small town ambience. Yet, the second largest “city” in Denmark & the worlds “smallest big city” can surprise us in some way or the other. Where else can we expect to have forests within a city? Where else can we find a train station tucked beneath a shopping mall? From the Viking era artefacts at Den Gamle By to the queen’s summer palace, this smallest big city has it all. Besides, where else can you find the Indian Curry House?Sealed Well in this blog I’d pick one speciality of Aarhus that Danes are very proud of – Abstract Art. Since we are talking about art, I will let the art do all the talking, enjoy & welcome to Aarhus Wink.