Is meeting people on your agenda? Try the International Community

11/03/2011 Off By Geet Shroff

ic_logoWhen you ask someone why they enjoy travelling, the most common response is ‘I like meeting people’. Lucky for us, Aarhus is a bustling young region with many nationalities wanting to make it ‘home’, at least for a while…

For those of you seeking a network of Internationals and also a quick route to integrate with the Danes, try the Aarhus International Community. The community is growing each day and so are the associated opportunities. Some of the services offered include:

–          Practical Assistance – Living & working in Denmark

–          International Citizen Service – permits, tax, CPR, Drivers Licence etc

–          Events and Seminars – informative & social

–          Online Community – Intercom

–          Spouse Community

–          Weekly Newsletter

You could register on the social networking site of the International Community of Aarhus and get in touch with its 500+ and growing members (International & Danes) by logging in to:

Membership of the Community is free and you can sign up or read more information on –

I hope this information helps. Let’s see more Indian’s on the group soon! Smile