IIA Vs ACC (Cricket Match Report)

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It was an exciting finish to an exciting match. IIA-XI was restricted to 130 runs, three runs short of the target of 133 set by ACC-XI. Our thanks goes to the ACC team for this spirited game. A budding IIA-XI team also showed a lot of passion and determination and played a very good game. Thanks to all the players and to the supporters who cheered for the IIA-XI. We hope to play more such games in the future and we are looking at the possibilities of having cricket practice sessions on a regular basis.


Here is a report on today’s game written by Jens Rolighed Larsen (Courtesy: ACC website)


A.C.C. All Stars XI vs. Indians In Aarhus (IIA)

Sunday 14/8/2011 at Åbrinken

25 over-match

Under the auspices of arr. Mridul Sethia, this game was set to take center stage with a sizeable family turnout and some delightful Indian cooking for lunch J. A shortened game was decided upon, with the threat of rain later in the afternoon. ACC decided to bat first:


  1. Nikhil c.Amand. b. Parminder 0
  2. Lars Bo b. Shiv 44
  3. Samanthe c. slip b. Amand 30
  4. Sebastian b. Amandeep 2
  5. Jens b. Parminda 16
  6. Jeppe Bungalow 18*
  7. Vikas 4*
  8. Ravi dnb
  9. Anto dnb
  10. Elias dnb
  11. Missing (Naveed?) dnb

Extras( 2nb, 15 w, 2 b) 19

Total (25.0 ov.) 133


  1. Ripu b. Jeppe 6
  2. Shiv b. Vikas 11
  3. Ravi c. Sam b.LarsBo 12
  4. Deepak c. Seb b.Lars Bo 14
  5. Amandeep b. Nikhil 14
  6. Parminder lbw b. Lars Bo 4
  7. Mohit b. Lars Bo 0
  8. Sharad run out 2
  9. Mridul c. Ravi b. Sam 13
  10. Durga run out 2
  11. Siddharth b Lars Bo 0

Extras (2 nb, 40 w, 5 b, 5 lb) 52

Total (25.0 ov.) 130

Commentary: The Indians’ medium pacers took the early honours, dismissing Nikhil first ball with a back of a length rising ball straight to point. Watch out there, Nikhil! Samanthe soon took control of proceedings, and was joined at the crease by Lars Bo, the straightest bat in town. Watch and learn, youngsters. The two dismantled the IIA attack systematically, with Lars Bo playing through the off side in his usual impeccable style, whilst Sam was content with hitting the ball over
midwicket and into the carpark – also his flourishing usual style. 2nd wicket fell at 45 in the 8th over. Sebastian looks a promising no. 4, put didn’t see one nipping back from Amandeep. Jens (capt) took a shine to the loose balls but also failed to watch the one coming back in. Meanwhile, Lars Bo kept on going and started to increase the strike rate. He was joined by Jeppe Bungalow, who was uncharacteristically quiet and promoted to no.6 with his mind set to just get played in. This was clearly unacceptable with less than 5 overs to go and the vociferous instructions from his captain resulted in him getting upset, and whoops!: SIX. At the death he was joined by a clean striking Vikas, just as Lars Bo missed out on his fifty. Vikas clobbered the final ball, his first, for four. Decent total on a heavy surface, and we weren’t expecting a lot.


However, the Indian XI started sensibly, and mostly – guys come on – our bowling went down the leg side or was too short. Check out the scorecard. On the good side, we didn’t have to wait long too long for a Bungalow missile (read: full toss) that was followed up by an in-cutter. Elias, new star with the new ball was unluck on more than a couple of occasions. Vikas looked the best I’ve seen him in the middle, tight, economical, got a wicket, but then some guy (Amand) took a liking to his pace and hit him for a couple of sixes. Lars Bo, on the other hand held the good cards with his increasingly accurate off-spinners he closed down the scoring and got a five-for. Winning us the game. Seb held a good midwicket catch ‘cos he didn’t have the money for the ‘drop-box’. Samatha took the catch of the day (where was my camera, diving full stretch forward to take a skimmer a point), and finally Ravi couldn’t get away from one (the decider) at mid off and held
on. Anto exceeded himself at cover, showing speed and persistence. We won it easy in the end, boys! ;-) 3 runs…..Thanks to the IIA captain Ripu and players for a well spirited game, you should all come and join us next season and come and watch our 1st team win the final league game on 4th September, in which case we move up into Division One. And let’s have a similar game next year. Finally: Man of the Match Lars Bo, for his 44 and 5 for 12 from six overs. Congrats!