IIA Newsletter – Volume 1, 2012

We hope that you have had a great start to 2012. We welcome you to Volume 1 of the Indians In Aarhus Newsletter for 2012.

The short days are almost over and winter has not been as harsh as it has in the last two years and that gives you a reason to look out the window and smile!


For those of you who experienced the snow for the first time, we imagine that you found it magical. As the Danes say, with the right clothing, every season in Denmark is most enjoyable.


In this issue, we bring to you news from IIA about two interesting upcoming events, notes from a volunteer’s visit to India and a lot more.


We hope that in 2012, you will continue to meet with fellow-Indians and be each other’s friends & guides, in other words, make the most of this forum we have created for you.


Happy Reading!