Dr Vs Dr – Which one are you?

10/12/2009 Off By Krithika

This was going on in my mind for the last couple of days and i decided to write it down in my own blog. Then I thought it might be a good idea for an open discussion here…..


Which one are you/would you rather be ? Would either one come to a conclusion as to who is more of the useful kind in the real world ?

(Whether you are the one in the white coat sticking a thermometer under someone’s tongue or the one in the white coat pippetting all night long, it doesn’t matter… we are all lab rats and we would probably remain so for the rest of our lives inspite of everything that i have just jotted down ….)

You are completely stressed out and exhausted. You hardly got any sleep last night …again ! Inspite of working harder with not much of a financial gain as expected and more personal compromises, the senior authorities always seem to be dissatisfied. Hardly any sympathy from the public and their demands only seem to be increasing everyday. The services no longer receive the deserved acknowledgement and if anything the public only seem to be less grateful day by day. Any amount of experience still doesnt seem to be good enough and government’s fidilities with the funding and buying of equipments only leaves you more frustrated. The numerous advanced degrees and accolades hanging on the wall in your dingy office are merely covering up that hole in the wall you made when you were frustrated which only left you with swollen knuckles and not a thing changed . The external rewards and appreciation, autonomy and job security are that of the past. Peer pressure, highly criticizing authorities, the precarious condition of your relationship with your spouse/parter due to lack of devoting enough time to him/her, being at the mercy of another collaborating specialist who drives you crazy with his condesceding attitude, when you try to sleep your brain starts churning again thinking ‘when will i ever settle down in a permanant job and breathe properly again’ ….. does this briefly sum up your life at the moment ?
What keeps you going on ?? – Perhaps your dedication to your field / interesting work /passion for whatever it is that you are doing eventhough you are cursing yourself day in and day out for choosing this in the first place / making a difference however big/small in the society and seeing that happen ???

So that brings me back to the same question – which one are you/would you rather be and who would you say is more of the useful kind for the society ?