Diwali mela 2015 – Announcement

11/11/2015 0 By Team IIA


Dear All,

Time has come to re-live the most popular event of the year, Diwali Mela in Aarhus!
The event will be based on our popular theme, having it as a Mela (Indian Fair) concept. We will be having food stalls (Indian cuisine), game stalls, cultural events and many more fun events.

Day and timing: 05th December 2015 from 16.00-20.00

Venue: Skovvangskolen. Skovvangsvej 150. 8200. Aarhus N

What will happen at the Mela


At the Mela you will get a chance to taste the food from different parts of India.


While you enjoy the Indian delicacies, we will keep you entertained with plenty of games, music and dance.

Every one has a hidden talent in themselves, so If you or a group is interested in performing any cultural activty for the day like a Play or a Drama (Natya Kala)/ Classical Indian or Bollywood Dance, feel free to drop an email to Mridul at mridul@indiansinaarhus.com


In the last event many people approached us and expressed their interest to volunteer in IIA’s next event. So to know us more and to be a part of the background group, please send your email to Mohit at mohit@indiansinaarhus.com

Entry fees:
Adults – 40 DKK
Children – Free entry
Fees to be paid in CASH upon entry/ mobile pay

We understand how comfortable it is to carry a Dankort. Unfortunately we dont have resources to handle credit cards at the venue. Hence carry some cash for the food stalls!

There’s a lot for everybody. Bring your family, bring your friends. Come take part in the ‘Diwali Mela’ here in Aarhus! We look forward to welcoming you all.

Cheers and Happy Diwali to one and all.

Indians in Aarhus Team