A Diwali Well Done

20/10/2009 Off By lakshman

Well done organizers,participants and others !!

First of all, we should thank the organizing committee, for making The Diwali event all success. Right from creation of the website “Inidansinaarhus” to organizing a debut event , booking a perfect venue to serving delicious food, every move was diligently planned and organized.

At first, when I came to know about the total number of invitees (which was already nearing its peak of 130 and still rising until the final commencement of the event) I was skeptical as to how this huge celebration could be handled. Thanks to the organizers with things being ideally planned well in advance with specific time limits set for each activity. During this event I had the possibility to meet Spiridon , a person whom I met five to six years ago but never had the slightest possibility to see his musical performance. His play together with Sureshji´s tabla beats was impeccable. To me, the whole atmosphere looked and felt like a foreigners´ ghetto completely filled with fun. The whole event was so lively with many families allowing their talented children perform whatever best they could, giving the feeling of importance of an eventful social gathering.

The spirit and confidence the organizers had in making this event memorable is truly amazing! The food served was simply superb with both north and south Indian delicacies, it was like eating out an oriental , atleast for people new to our traditional Indian food. This not only shows how able most of us are and nevertheless with this determination we all should carry on celebrating big Indian festivals like Diwali, Holi and others on a regular basis and cherish the fond memories. Lastly, I would like to say from bottom of my heart a million thanks to our Great Sardar for all his efforts from day one, all participants and members of the organizing committee for making this wonderful event happen.

Lakshman Sodagam