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Category Archives: Sumangala Bhattacharya

The Unputdownable – by Sumangala Bhattacharya

My New Year happiness was spoiled by the rape incidents in India. I simply could not separate myself from what was happening around me.  The whole Indian system feeds the kind of attitude that is visible in such incidents. Starting from idiotic mothers of pampered sons, who think that when their boys tease or rape a girl, it must be Continue Reading »

Integrated in Celebrating India – by Sumangala Bhattacharya

Integrated – In The Worship of Our Beloved Tricolor What a great day my dear Indians, what a marvelous day! It was such fun to come together and celebrate the 66th Independence day of India. We, those who gathered there, were as different in our regional origins as the food we were sharing….starting from beautiful pav bhaji and khichdi, to Continue Reading »

A Tribute to the Mother of a Billion Souls – by Sumangala Bhattacharya

We love our country. No matter how much it frustrates us to see it getting bogged down by the challenges we have put in its way. Yes ‘we’ because they who corrupt, cheat, kill the innocent, believe in inhuman traditions, put bigger and apparently unsurpassable obstacles on the way of our and our country’s progress and makes us feel ashamed Continue Reading »

The night of lights and laughter

The night of lights and laughter   – by Sumangala Bhattacharya     What a great evening this was. My grandmother being very ill, I was sad and depressed and was thinking of skipping the event. Thanks to my mother for encouraging me to participate in this occasion; I enjoyed to my hearts content today. The party was a complete Continue Reading »

What do beggars want?

What can we give to our begging children? What are they actually begging for? Those who were born on streets where people walk and spit and urinate…who take their first breath in the thick polluted air coming out of the cars passing by… cars, whose owners never cared about pollution control. They grow up to be little beggars, graduate as Continue Reading »

An incredible evening…celebrating togetherness

Since the birth of ‘Indians in Aarhus’ Ripu has always encouraged us to write something for the website. But life has been so hectic and monotonous with challenges and work pressure of project management that I could hardly encourage myself to find time to write anything…. Together with being a PhD student, I have another identity; I am the mother Continue Reading »

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