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Category Archives: Ripudaman Singh

Beauty and the Beast

Most of us, Indians, had their first encounter with snow in Denmark. And the only ice we ever came in contact with until then was kept in the plastic mold in our freezer that served as a life giver in the staunching heat in India. So, it’s quite understandable that the current weather would amuse us, amaze us, awe us Continue Reading »

Googling Aarhus – Then and Now

This is a tale of how Google almost made me change my mind about coming to Aarhus. When it was almost confirmed that I would be coming to Aarhus University to pursue my further studies, I remember googling ‘Aarhus’, to see how the place that was going to be my home for the next few years looked like. I was astonished to see what I saw: very old, Continue Reading »

Police! Police!

Let me commence my blogging with one of the cultural shocks that I experienced in Denmark. Coming from Punjab and not seeing any policeman for almost a month was ‘tough’. A month after landing in Aarhus I remember gazing at the first policeman with eyes wide open and saying to myself, “Oh! he is so fit and smart”. This impression, of course, had an undertone with respect to my expectation Continue Reading »

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