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Diwali Mela 2019 in Aarhus

By Team IIA

Diwali Mela 2019 in Aarhus – The Biggest Indian Social Gathering in Jutland Dear All,Time has come to re-live the…

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Diwali Mela 2017, Aarhus

By Team IIA

Time has come to re-live the most popular event of the year, Diwali Mela in Aarhus! The event will be…

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Diwali mela 2015 – photos

By Team IIA

Here is a selection of pictures from Diwali Mela 2015. Enjoy!

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By Team IIA

WEST AFRICAN DRUMMERS AT THE DIWALI MELA We are very pleased to inform you that a group of West African…

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IIA Diwali mela 2015 – food stall

By Team IIA

FANTASTIC LINEUP OF FOOD STALLS We have got such a good response from those who want to set up food…

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IIA volunteers for Diwali Mela 2015

By Team IIA

THIS DIWALI, BECOME AN IIA VOLUNTEER! Will you like to be a part of the IIA team and help us…

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Diwali Mela in Aarhus

By Administrator


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Diwali 2011 – Photos Part 4

By anand
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Diwali 2010 Pictures

By Administrator

Thanks for making “Diwali 2010” in Aarhus a success. The pictures from the event are now online and can be viewed…

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Diwali in Aarhus 2010

By Administrator

Dear Fellow Indo-Aarhusians,   Though the memories of last year’s Diwali celebrations in Aarhus are still afresh, time has come to…

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Diwali 2009 Pictures

By Administrator

 Click here to see the Pictures from Diwali (Login required)

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By Administrator

Thanks to all, the participants and the organizers, for making Diwali a joyful experience. Please visit this space again to…

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Registration to Diwali Reopened

By Administrator

Dear Fellow Indo-Aarhusians, After a lot of enquiries and demand casino we have casino real money reopened aussie online casino…

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Register for Diwali

By Administrator

Programme for Diwali (17 Oct 2009)   13:45 Assembly at Musikhuset, Aarhus 14:00 – 15:00        Performance at Musikhuset by Anita…