IndiansInAarhus.Com is born

17/08/2009 Off By Administrator

Though the first Indians settled in Aarhus in the second half of the last century, it was not until the beginning of the new millenium that  ‘New Indians’ came to Denmark. Many of these new visitors were working at the University for their MSc, PhD and Post Doc. The numbers grew with scores of professionals, working for various IT firms in India, who came to work on short projects for Danish companies based in Aarhus. Now Indian professionals living in Aarhus are working in various sectors including academics, health, research, IT, alternative energy etc. Apart from a few Indian families who have settled here for many years, these new expatriates now make up the real strength of the Indians in Aarhus.

It was because of this desire to give a common platform to this growing community that the idea of IndiansInAarhus.Com was concieved.

Apart from giving support to the new Indians who come and settle in and around Aarhus, this forum, from time to time, will also facilitate in arranging meetings and gatherings.

Our dedicated bloggers will colour this website with their thoughts and their unique perception of Aarhus. Registered members will have the opportunity to post their views or share informaiton on the ‘Chit-Chat’ forum. They will also be free to post any forthcoming event for which the others will have the opportunity to register on this very website. Those who are registered will also have access to the photogallery.

We ask for your cooperation in making this little hub for the big people a success!