Beauty and the Beast

23/12/2010 Off By Administrator

438-x-220-vinterMost of us, Indians, had their first encounter with snow in Denmark. And the only ice we ever came in contact with until then was kept in the plastic mold in our freezer that served as a life giver in the staunching heat in India. So, it’s quite understandable that the current weather would amuse us, amaze us, awe us and would be a bit of a pain as well. The irony is that most of the Danes are feeling the same way. They are amused, amazed, awed and pained by the excruciating winter freeze that has engulfed Denmark and much of Northern Europe.  

And it’s hard to miss the impact it’s making on people’s lives when you watch news reports of passengers stranded at the major airports in Europe, or when you drive on the highway at 60km/hr and very frequently see vehicles tossed and smashed, or when you hear that Autohjælp had the busiest day ever, when it received 5300 calls from stranded drivers across Denmark. And a day when, referring to the weather, one of your 55-years-old colleague comes and tells you that this is the first time in her life she has seen anything like this, you are overwhelmed by the fact that you are actually witnessing something that might find reference in the journals.

But the beauty this intense weather brings along with it is unmatchable. How the rays from a sublime sun at the horizon cut through snow laden trees and glitter the ice crystals on the surface of the snow is a sight that warms your body and freezes you soul. You feel as if you are a part of a huge canvas and you are ready to sacrifice many summers just for that momentary glance.

One cannot get all the best in the world. But we can at least try to pick the best from the worlds we live in!

Happy vacations and a lovely winter!