A tip on how to upload your picture on your profile

20/08/2009 Off By Administrator

Before uploading you need to resize and then crop the picture so that it doesnt get distorted:

  1. The profile takes pictures of 100px width and 100px height
  2. Use one of the online programmes to resize the picture and crop it to the above size. eg. http://www.webresizer.com/resizer/
  3. Save the picture on your computer


  1. Log on to the website
  2. Go to the ‘Chit-Chat Forum’ and click on ‘Edit Profile’
  3. Browse the computer for the picture which you would like to upload
  4. Click the upload button
  5. The picture will now come in the drop down list just below picture icon.
  6. Choose the picture that you have just uploaded 
  7. Save

Hope this will help..Cool